Paul Tudor Jones says Bitcoin ‘is like investing early in Apple or Google

Wall Street’s famous investor Paul Tudor Jones is once again praising Bitcoin as one of the best operations to beat inflation.
Wall Street investor and billionaire Paul Tudor Jones said he likes Bitcoin “even more than I did then,” referring to his initial investment announced in May 2020.
Jones praised Bitcoin on CNBC’s morning Squawk Box show, revealing that he holds a “small one-digit investment” in assets.
His investment thesis remains unchanged – Bitcoin System Review is an excellent protection against inflation, and its importance is likely to increase in the coming years due to central bank interventions.
Unprecedented amounts of money issuance and balance sheet expansion – in addition to a more aggressive commitment to inflation by the Fed – have resulted in higher inflation expectations.
Bitcoin, according to Jones, is one of the best “deals against inflation” when compared to traditional options such as gold, inflation-protected government bonds, copper and other more complex strategies.
“Bitcoin has a huge contingent of very, very smart and sophisticated people who believe in it,” Jones added. “It’s like investing with Steve Jobs and Apple or investing in Google from the beginning.
Paul Tudor Jones is an industry veteran, earning fame for the first time for correctly predicting the 1987 stock market crash, known as Black Monday. After his earlier statements, the Bitcoin community vibrated with enthusiasm because of investor support. Some predicted that Jones would soon become the largest holder of Bitcoins.
Some see Jones’ support as a potential stimulus for more institutional investors to enter the market, arguing that large institutions may feel more confident in investing in the asset class after known names have taken the first step.