Ripple CTO: Large XRP Holdings Doesn’t Make It Centralized

• Ripple CTO David Schwartz recently responded to a tweet about XRP’s decentralization and Ripple’s influence over it.
• He argued that despite having a large holding of XRP, Ripple does not control its ledger or governance.
• Ripple’s XRP holdings are locked in escrow to prevent any one party from flooding the market or manipulating the price.

Ripple’s Influence on XRP Decentralization

Recently, a tweet from David Schwartz, the chief technology officer (CTO) at Ripple, sparked a debate about the decentralization of XRP and Ripple’s influence over it. Schwartz challenged critics to explain how Ripple could use its supposed control to cause harm as he argued that their large holdings does not make it centralized.

What is Decentralization?

Decentralization is a key value proposition of cryptocurrencies. It refers to the distribution of authority, control, and influence across a network, rather than being concentrated in a single central authority. This decentralization is achieved through the use of blockchain technology which allows for the creation and management of digital assets in a distributed and transparent manner. In the case of XRP, this digital asset operates on the XRP Ledger which is maintained by a network of validating nodes that come to an agreement on the order and validity of transactions.

Ripple’s Role in XRP

Ripple is an established digital payment protocol company that also holds significant amount of XRP. However, as stated by CTO David Schwartz, this does not equate to control over the XRP Ledger as they do not have power to alter or dictate its governance. Furthermore, their holdings are primarily locked in escrow which releases them on monthly basis – this system ensures steady supply and prevents any party from flooding or manipulating prices with reserves.

Uniswap’s Decentalization Claims Challenged

Schwartz has also questioned Uniswap’s claims about their decentralization while discussing his views on ownership stakes held by companies like Ripple influencing prices for certain crypto assets like XPR .


The discussion around decentralized crypto assets still remains highly contested as opinions vary between stakeholders within industry – however we can be sure that companies like Rippe are making efforts to ensure that there will be no one party controlling majority stake within system .

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